Thursday, December 29, 2011


So there has been the maaamaa and dada but I think Paige's first official word is "HAI" aka Hi! She has been going around the house saying "Hai".  Yesterday while grocery shopping she said "Hai" to a few ladies who stopped to admire the incredible cuteness contained in the stroller.  So that's it, I'm making it official, her first word is "HAI"..HI! 

In other Holiday news we got to have Christmas with our Nana last night.  Today we had many little friends over to make ornaments.  They really didn't turn out like I hoped but it was nice to see our friends.  It was a little tight with four adults and nine childern but it worked..  Paige tried to hang with the big boys and play catch while Owie stuck close to his mama... 

I'm starting to get comfortable with this stay-at-home thing, but only 4 more days till I'm a working gal again.  I'm just fortunate that I not only have the best job in the world, Mommy to Paige and Owen, but I also love being a school social worker. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From Santa!

Santa knew you guys had been such good babies this past year. He brought you a table that was a instant hit!
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Thanksgiving Crafts..

As if I need another reason to love the Daycare Paige and Owen go to, I love that they already have them doing crafts. After Thanksgiving they sent home all the crafts they had made. Such cute stuff and now I know why they came home with marker, paint or glitter all over them. I would love to keep it all but know that it would quickly pile up so I choose a few favorites to keep and decided to take a pic with all the rest of it. 
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Christmas Morning...

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Once apon a time...

Little Owie has got his daddy's love of reading that is for sure. Here he is on the way home from Carlsbad with one of his favorite books in hand. The last line in this book is 'the moon is high, the sea is deep and they rock, and rock and rock to sleep'. I rock him when I read that line and he laughs, it's so sweet.

He has started to carry books to us wanting us to read to him. He gets a little frustrated when it's a big one and it's difficult to carry. I have to confess that today I hid "brown bear, brown bear', because after two days of it I just couldn't take it anymore. He quickly returned to his two other favorite's 'Here comes Halloween' and 'Star War Heros'.

Paige also likes to be read  but she would rather climb over something or play with her blocks. Several times a day she will come and try to take away the book that I'm reading to Owen. I think it's her way of saying "enough with him mom, come play with me".
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Riding in a one horse sleigh...

Jalie had a friend over Christmas eve and they were playing with the American Girl Doll things and asked Julie to get out this sleigh. Paige was in their with them and they ran out laughing saying I had to come see her. Paige right away jumped in and loved this little doll seat. This little girl loved to sit on things and lucky for her she actually fit. Such a silly girl.
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A Cat Says "MEOW"

Owen loves Pixie, sometimes a little too much. Had me thinking for a short time that I would like to get a cat but that is a long way off. He was actually really good with her and she was fantastic with him. She gave him a little warning bite once but never even attemtped to scratch him, even when he got a little rough.
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Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas in Carlsbad at our Aunt Julie's house. We had to head there a day early to beat the snow and good thing we did. It snowed for two days straight! The babies loved that they could actually touch Aunt Julie's tree and got out in the snow for the first time. Owen also loved Jalie's cat Pixie... He followed her around and would pet (hit) her any chance he got. Paige loved playing in Jalie's American Girl Doll sleigh, so much so we finally moved it into the living room so she could crawl in and out as much as her little heart desired.  I'm loving my long break and spending all this extra time with my sweet little babies! Now it's time for New Years... I can't wait to see the changes it brings with Paige and Owen.
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mama's new ride!

After texting, emailing, and talking to 4 car dealers, we took the plunge and bought a mini van. That's right. We're cool!  It was a little stressful because I mostly handled it on my own. It was a nice little test of independence but no real need to 'go independent all over your daddy's ass'..  let's see if I can remember why that is so funny ten years from now.. we r headed to carlsbad now and so far I really dig it. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Momma's mini vacay!

I'm at the airport now getting ready to head to denver to spend some time with my ver best buddy alicia.. since she moved to germany its been email and skype..but in the next 1.5 days we plan on packing in all the fun stuff we love to do together..

Monday, December 5, 2011

Owie's first haircut...

I think if daddy had his way we would have done this weeks ago.  I was having a hard time thinking of cutting his hair because I knew it would make him look more like a little boy and not a baby..  nana was gonna cut it but while she was getting her hair cut her hair dresser offered to do it.. I took him in and he got a very cute cut while sitting in his nanas lap.. he did great.. I think being snuggled up to his nana made it easy..

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Friday!

It was a busy Friday..  Lots going on a work with a little stress here and there and a birthday party for little Connor to end the day.  By far the best part of the day was rocking my little Owie to sleep.  For some reason he didn't fall right asleep so we got a little mommy baby time to ourselves.  It was wonderful...  Love my little Owen Alan!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Run Mama!

Tonight after work I meet four of my mama friends and their babies down at the river for a run.  We have decided to run a 5k in February so we need to move.  We ran/walked three miles and I think I ran a little over a mile all together.  Not feeling to bad about that and it's a good starting off point.  Now if I can just keep it up.  The hard part is picking up the babes, driving somewhere and putting them straight into the stroller.  They don't seem too happy about it either, but hopefully they will get used to it and it's nice for us to get out and be active together.  I want exercise to always be a part of their lives and this is a great way to introduce them to it.

Must mention that Owie has been a picky eater lately.  He has gotten to where things that must be chewed  get pushed out with his tounge.  Tonight however, he shoveled in the sweet potatoes like he has never eaten.  He looked like a little chipmunk hoarding nuts in his cheeks..  Paige has been doing great at eating and pretty much eats anything we put in front of her..  She is just like her mama..

Monday, November 28, 2011


Thanksgiving has come and gone.  It was a week full of family, fun, food, and sickness..  Yep, I started off the break with vomiting and now I have a cold.  I thought the yacking was because I ate my weight in nutella but now Cameron and Nana may have fallen victim to whatever it was as well.  I hope everyone's recovery is speedy like mine and they don't catch a cold a few days after. 

Some highlights of the week.  Kickball, a little windy but fun!  Nana's sweet potatoes, so delicious I've ate them everyday since.  Eating at El Sombero with Jon and the boys, Nana, Jenni, Sharon B.,her niece and daughter, Sharon P., Todd and Conner, and of course my babies and Dan!  Two trips to High Desert for beers with good friends and family.

Paige and Owen highlights included Owen signing "more".. Paige doing a little jig while listening to country music with the family...  Paige running interception anytime Owen headed toward someone.  She had to make sure she got there first.   

Now to get ready for Christmas..  Oh man.. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A little Stroll..

After our little walk on the nice trail we found.

As you can see, these two little ones didn't make it too far before they crashed out. To be fair, they are still adjusting to the one nap a day. So cute.. I could just eat them up!

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Little Raccoons..

To say these two are now into everything is a understatement. Here they are at the lazy suzanne shopping. I have moved out anything glass and have put in several empty boxes. It gets messy but it provides a nice distraction when we are in the kitchen.

The fridge is like a magical place for them. When they see it open they rush over and frantically try to grab anything they can. On this day I left it open a little longer and let them explore. Free entertainment right at my finger tips...
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Dan came home sick yesterday and when we got home I think the babies knew he was hiding away getting some rest. Here they are at the bedroom door trying to get him to come out and play..
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Silly Sissy!

This little girl cracks us up. It's amazing how they develop their own little things. One of Paige's favorite things is to put on sunglasses and walk around the house. She purses her little lips and holds her head up to try and keep them on as long as she possibly can. It's a hoot!

She also likes to crawl around on mommy and daddy and find a cozy place to sit. Somtimes she tries to sit on our heads if we are laying on the floor with them. She has also discovered how to sit on pooh plane and tries to scoot on it.

Favorite word is DA-DA... Gonna have to work on this..
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Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Friday!

The week went by fast and I'm ready for a nice weekend home with my little family.  I'm happy to report that we got out for a walk everyday!  One day we even made it over to Tere's for a nice walk with her, William and Carol.  Needless to say we got a fair bit of attention with our two double strollers and irresistibly cute boy/girl twins.  Walking in that neighborhood had me wishin we could put our house up for sale but I've since calmed down and realized that I can always just drive over to enjoy a walk there.  Another exciting first,  Owen pooped in the tub!  I've heard parents joking about it and got to experience first hand.  Luckily Nana was there to help fish out the little turds before they got any poop on them:) hehe....  Tonight I'm headed to a stroller workout at Veteran's park, then Nana is coming over so I can head out for a much needed mama's night out! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful daddy and my fabulous hubby!  We started off the day with a nice walk on a very cool path that we discovered for the first time.  Then a little shopping at Kohls followed by a very healthy arbys lunch..  Babies have been sleeping for over 2 hours now which gave Dan enough time to play his new game.  Now we are expecting Aunt Traci and Uncle Alex.  Late tonight a little bday surprise:) Can't wait!

Friday, November 11, 2011


What was I doing on this crazy date?  Only spending the day with the two most fantastic little people I know.  We went to the doc for the big 1 year appointment and they are doing great.  Doc said they are a little under weight for his liking but he is not worried and neither are we.  Paige is 18 lbs. and Owen is 19.2.  A little odd since it is miss paige who eats seconds most often at daycare.  Rest of the day is gonna be spent making sure these babies don't poke each others eyes out.

Also thankful today for our veterans especially my daddy..  Happy Veterans day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick weekend trip..

Saturday the babies and I headed to Carlsbad to see Dick in Bill who were in town briefly to visit.  They were chasing a train and were close by so they made a visit out of it.  Was nice to see them and great that they got to meet the babies.  Bill is in poor health and it was hard to see him so thin and weak.  I think it is so great that even when he is not feeling well he is getting out and doing something he loves.  A good lesson for all of us. 

Owen continued to reject his Aunt Julie which did not make her happy.  He did however snuggle up to his Granny and even chose her over his mama one time..  No-wee!  The time change made for a very early morning waking up in Carlsbad and the ride home was rough one but we made it. 

In baby walking news..  Both Paige and Owen are walking, Paige a little more confident than O. 

Friday, November 4, 2011


                                                Our little family...My whole world!
                                                       Paige and Owen 1year...
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Two little Monkeys turning 1!

Saturday was your birthday and we partied it up! Monkeys were every where and people and kids were too. Momma started at 7 am baking cupcakes and didn't stop getting ready until the party started at 2.

Here is the Monkey cake that was a near flop until Granny came along and saved the day by thinkening up the frosting. We also made some really cute monkey cupcakes for the guests..

Little Owie playing in his tent and tunnel during the party..

Paige taking a moment to reflect on the last year.

Cousin Jalie would take you home if she could.

Here we are getting ready to open presents. I have got to say you babies raked it in. A little piece of me wants to pull a mommy dearest and give some of it to charity but I will refrain and just hope that we can teach you it's not the amount of toys or things your recieve that is important but the people and love you share.
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big babies!

Today was Paige and Owen's first day in the 1 year old room.  From the sound of it Paige made the transition a little easier than Owen.  That doesn't really surprise me since it was Owie that struggled at the beginning of the school year when they started back.  Some surprises for mommy was that they didn't use their binky to nap, used their sippy cup (no bottles), sat in little chairs to eat, and napped on a mat (not in a crib).  What is happening?

In other cute news.  Paige got a little plush baby doll for her birthday from my friend and co-worker Cosette.  She holds the baby close to her chest, pats it and says awwww..  Couldn't be any sweeter. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This time last year we were getting to know our Paige and Owen and trying to learn how to take care of two babies.  I have to say we are doing a pretty good job so far!

It's 8:30 and these little owls are wide awake.  It's Halloween so I guess it's time for a celebrating. They are enjoying a little play time on the floor with Nana and daddy. We had little monkey costumes but they never made it on.  They did however wear their skeleton jammies to daycare and to dinner so that was their dress up.  After dinner we had a few trick or treaters and the babies liked looking at the little kids.  Next year I'm sure will be more exciting with candy and costumes.  Oh and don't forget the pumpkin carving, that is a must next year.

Tomorrow is a big day.  They move into the 1 year old room.  I said goodbye to the ladies in the baby room today and cried a little. They were a little dramatic at times but they were very good at taking care of my babies and I always felt safe with them in their care.  I've been told the ladies in the next room are great as well.  It's just change and that is always a bit hard for this mommy...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Sweet Babies

Tomorrow you are one!  It's so hard to believe that it's been a whole year.  Call me crazy (you're daddy actually did) but I want to do it all over again.  The amount of love and joy you have brought into our lives in such a short time is indescribable.  You have made us a family and being your mommy is the most amazing role I have, or will ever have in my life.

This time last year I'm pretty sure I had just enjoyed a very large dinner of Penne Con Sugo with meatballs from Lorenzos after being starved all day as they tried to induce me.  You guys were in no hurry and almost 48 hours after they tried every trick in the book the doc decided it was time to meet you.  Less than an hour later your daddy was helping give you your first bath while I recovered.  That was the first night of the rest of our lives as a family of four.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Owie's Turn for first steps!

Oct. 24th just 5 days away from his first birthday, our little Owie took his first steps.  Thank goodness daddy was home sick today or he might have missed them.  We had just got home from daycare and we were hanging out in the living room.  We were trying to get Paige to walk and without much coaxing Owen let go of what he was holding on and took about 2 good steps..  It was special because we (dan and I) were both there to see it..  Two walking babies,,uh oh!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday for Mama!

My first birthday as a mama was terrific.  We had a bbq with some friends and co-workers, there were about 10 kids!  I'm guessing parties with kids is going to be a new trend around here.  Daddy did a great job of making it special.  I got my favorite ice cream cake and the BOB double stroller that I have wanted for months.. Thank you Daddy!  Another high light was Alex playing for me one of my favorite Jack Johnson songs..  I know it was not his favorite song to learn but it was really sweet of him..  It was a  great birthday and I look forward to many more spent with my wonderful family and friends.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little mother son time..

Daycare called saying owen woke up from his nap with both eye matted shut after a not. So quick trip to the doc we now have antibiotics that go directly into his eyes to clear it up.  I should have asked for a sedative cause he fought the first dose like a professional wrestle
Luckily daddy will be here for the second dose.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Steps for Paige!

Saturday, October 15th our little Paigey-Poo took her first steps.  Nana was the first witness and quickly called me over.  She was in our bedroom and when I got there she took about two more wobbily steps then settled on her tush.  It was very exciting!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Put your hands together!

This week these little babies have found the fun in Clapping.  If we bust out in song or start cheering ourselves, they will smile real big, start bouncing up and down and clap their little hands. It's adorable!


It's friday and I'm looking forward to going home and spending a little time with the babies, then getting ready for a night out with my hubby. Thanks to Nana we get to have a night out with just the two of us.  It's been weeks if not more since we have done that (just mommy and daddy).  Gonna be a exciting night of dinner, possible movie, or maybe shopping for carseats. Maybe we will even go to baskin robbins for dessert.. That's right, exciting! 

Today at work I was gazing at my beautiful babies pictures.  One is from when they were four months.  I tried hard to remember that exact moment or what it was like when they were that old.  It's hard to recall the details, but I get a flood of emotion when I think of them or any part of my life in the last 11 months.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

11 Months!

I blinked... Today my sweet little babies are 11 months old!  The last month has been full of visits from our beloved Papaw and our lovely Aunt Traci.  We also went to C-bad to celebrate our wonderful Pa's birthday.  Our regular visit's from Nana kept everyone happy.  We have also had many sleepless nights thanks to fevers, teeth and stuffy noses.  Both Paige and Owen have tested their legs and balance by letting go of whatever they are holding on to and standing unassisted for a short time.  Paige loves to walk around with mommy or daddies help and can do so very well just by holding on with one hand.  It won't be long til we are chasing her down.  Owen is a little less interested in walking but sure can move from point A to B in no time. 

Current interest include Piper's water bowl, the remote control, the toilet, the computer, mommies phone, and swinging any door straight into each others faces.. Time to time they will actually play with a toy. So much to look forward to in the next month.  More milestones, bithday parties, and so many hugs, kisses and cuddles that not even a care bear could stand it!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A little me time..

Currently enjoying a pedi and thinking about my babies. Its Friday so daddy is picking them up and I get to enjoy a little time alone.  Owen has had a feve rfor the past 4 nights (most likely teething related) and I'm hoping tonight will be the night he kicks it and he will back to his happy little self. This weekend is the in a few that its just us. Got a bday party and a to-do list for the house.  Lokking forward to it:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rockin shoes for the first time!

Today was the first day the babies wore shoes.  Hard to believe that for the first 10.5 months of their life they haven't had more than a sock on their tiny little feet!  If I had my way they would be barefoot for the next several years. It just seems more comfy..  I thought there would be much more protest, especially from little Owen but they were both surprisingly accepting of their new attire.  Granny wanted to buy them their first pair of shoes but let me pick them out.  I shocked myself when I choose matching white shoes.  I could have gone for something a little more flashy but I really liked how the simple white ones looked..  Viola said today when I picked them up, "they look like little cheerleaders".. 

Horsin around with papaw!

Not only papa do a lot of difficult chores around the house (sanding doors and trimming the tree) that mommy and daddy never get to but he also does a great job of entertaining these little babies. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Celebrating our PA!

Headed to Carlsbad for the weekend to celebrate pa's 62nd birthday.  Weekend was spent going to movies with Ross and Jalie, minus Paige and Owen, pick up soccer game in the back yard (Julie and I held the babies and Rocky and Dan held a beer), a nice nap for momma, and celebrating pa's birthday with a home cooked meal and cupcakes.  It also wouldn't be a trip home without a scary movie that is most likely not appropriate for kids but they watch it anyway. This time is was the Blair Witch Project..  Ross nor Jalie seemed to scared which is a little weird because the first time I saw it I was.  

Monday, September 12, 2011

First piggy tails

Today at daycare Paige got her hairdo.. Viola put two tiny pig tails and they are so cute! They make her look like such a big girl. I hope they stay in so Nana can see them when she comes over for dinner..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Dan got a new phone, which means mama's got a new phone too.  The only reason I really wanted a smart phone was to get better at documenting our lives on my blog.  So here it is.  My second blog with a pic to document our exciting outing to best buy.  Paige was sleepy but enjoyed her time with daddy and Owen loved looking around and touching only the things mommy would let him. Obviously I'm gonna need a little practice.  I'm also not too sure I'm happy with the picture quality.  We shall see..


Colder weather is near and these little babies have known nothing but bare feet for the last 4 months.  Yesterday I decided to introduce socks and it didn't go so well. They both pitched a fit, Owen's lasting a little longer. This morning Paige accepted her feets fate but not little Owen. He again screamed and cried. At one point he reminded me of a crocodile doing the death roll.