Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Letter to my "BIG" little 3-year-old Paige!

Dear, Fierce-Brave-Mighty-Sweet Paige

You are a month into your 3rd year and keeping this mommy on her toes! You continue to want to do things independently and I cling to doing things for you every chance I get.  You are still a daddy's girl and even yesterday proclaimed "daddy is my best friend". Believe me when I say, I was not rolling my eyes, I was just trying to get hair out of my face;)

 You love to sing and dance. When mommy announces a dance party, you are the first to jump up and start shaken it.  Your sweet little voice singing broken bits of songs we sing at home or ones you learn at daycare is my favorite thing to listen to. In fact, this morning you climbed in bed with us before 6 am and sang pieces of "You are my sunshine". I smiled, kissed your forehead and politely asked you to go back to sleep. 

You are a pretty good eater and still love to eat lots of fruit. But if we let you, I think you would eat candy morning, noon and night. 

You are outgoing with your friends at daycare and on play dates but get a little shy around adults you don't know very well.  You have lots of baby dolls and other girly toys but you seem more interested in playing superheroes, doctor, and monster games. 

Daddy and I often shake our heads at each other wondering where in the heck you come up with some of the stuff you say and do. We also have to take turns wrangling your little hinney because you like to make us work for things like getting dressed, taking a bath, or wiping your nose. 

You love your brother and daycare tells me you hug and kiss on him often. This makes my heart so happy! I won't go into the hair pulling, kicking, hitting, irritating each other that happens once and awhile (all the time;), who's gonna remember that stuff anyway?!

My Sweet Sunshine, My little Pay-G-G, My Sis-a-roo, My Sissy-sue. Stay brave, fierce and mighty!  I cannot get enough of your silly little personality and could just SQUEEZE you ALL DAY-EVERY DAY.. You make mommy proud and continue to be the brightest, funniest part of my life. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


"Nexterday"- meaning sometime tomorrow or anytime in the future really.

"Yesternight"- meaning last night, or yesterday, or anytime in the past. 

Owen, I LOVE your little made up words! 

Happy Halloween!

Babies, we spent your third Halloween in our home and neighborhood. There seems to be a change happening with this holiday and I'm not too happy about it. Less and less people are going into thier neighborhoods and knocking on doors.
It's a great memory I have as a kid running around and getting candy from the neighbors. More and more, people go to parking lots and trick-or-treat from trunks, or churches, or malls. Maybe it's safer but I'm still holding on to what once was. I hear that there are still some neighborhoods that  buzz with Halloween excite and maybe next year we will load up and impose our lovely selves on one of those communities. Dark neighborhood aside, we had a great night. There were a few streets that numerous homes were in the spirit and gave you fistfuls if sugar. And we had pumpkin shaped pizza with our nana, and handed out candy to those who came knocking on our door. Paige, you were Minnie Mouse and Owen, you were superwhy.  Two of the cutest trick-or-treaters I have ever seen.