Saturday, June 30, 2012

Playdate with Aunt Alicia!

Our first summer Playdate with our aunt Alicia and Paige got her first sticker tattoo! Next thing I know she will be dying her hair:)

Happy Father's day!

Since we were on the road on fathers day we celebrated a week late. Daddy got to sleep in, we cooked him dinner, and took him to cliches, mmm! It was a first for Paige and Owen and big surprise, they loved it! Special gifts for our super dada included a superman coffee mug, superhero movie captain America, and a spiderman card decorated by Paige and Owen. We love you dada!

Road Warriors!

Our trip back from Florida turned into a marathon drive straight back to NM with two stops to eat and potty breaks as needed.. We left at 5am florida time and got in at 3:30am our time. Crazy? Maybe, but it worked and wasn't terrible. Owen and Paige were again, amazing little travelers. We need to say special thanks to Uncle Rocky for doing majority of the driving, Aunt Julie for taking the wheel really late at night, Ross and Jalie for providing excellent baby entertainment, and our daddy for meeting is in El Paso at 2am to save Aunt Julie from having to drive another two hours. Love you all!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Playdate in Florida with our NM twin friends..

Tuesday on vacation Julie, Rocky and the kids went on a fishing trip so we headed over to my friend Tere's house to play. Her family has a house on the beach where it is a little calmer than the beach where we were staying. We enjoyed floating in the calm water and the babies even went on their first kayak ride! We enjoyed their place so much we went back the next day with everyone to ride kayaks and lounge. Tere was not around but they were very nice letting is come over to enjoy their little piece of paradise.

First day at the beach!

Owen you did not like the beach your first day! Paige you weren't too sure about it either, but your protest wasn't as outright as your brothers. Lucky for mommy, daddy and everyone else on vacation with us you warmed up to it and by the last day you were playing in the sand allowing us to hold you I'm the water.

Great travelers!

Truth be told I had really been dreading the two day car ride to the beach. I envisioned hours or crying, diaper rash, and cranky adults for two days straight. Reality was, two content/sleeping babies, rash free hinnies, and happy adults.. I think the DVD and cousin Jalies's presence were the two key ingredients!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mama is happy today!

Babies today one of your mamas very best friends moved back to las cruces! She got married and moved to Germany before you were born but she is back with her sweet hubby. I cant wait to spend more time with her and for you to get to know your auntie Alicia!Not sure how long we get to keep her here but we will take full advantage of the time we get!

Ready for the beach!

Tomorrow we head out bright and early for a 2 day trek to the Florida Pan handle to spend the better part of a week with our papaw, cousins Derek, Ross, and Jalie, and aunt Julie and Rocky. Mama has had a little anxiety leading up to this trip just because I know it will be uncomfortable for the babies to sit it a car that long, but I feel better that the end reward will be the beautiful beach with so many that we love. Big thanks to our nana for the sweet beach towels and books about the beach.. The pic is of Nana reading you the books and laying on the towels practicing for lounging. Also thanks to Granny and pa for the cool beach hats.. I think everyone is excited for you babies to see the ocean.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tie-dye Playdate!

Yesterday we had a whole bunch of friends over for some fun. We played in the water, tie-dyed shirts, and had lunch together. It was a lot of fun and Owen and Paige were great little hosts to all of their friends. Can't wait for more playdates this summer!

Carlsbad and yardsale..

Summer is in full swing with lots if stuff happening back to back. Paige, Owen and I headed to Carlsbad last Thursday to help get my nana's house ready to sell which included a yard sale. Paige and Owen did great and even napped for hours on the couches with us moving all around them. Being there really made me miss my nana and wish that she could have meet my babies.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Free bird!

Sis has a wicked diaper rash so we are doings some much needed commando time while she plays in the water.

Under the sea!

Recent craft haul from daycare. All creatures from the sea!