Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yesterday the babies were full of surprises for mommy and daddy.  Paige was crawling on me and for a brief few seconds let go and stood all by herself. You go little girl!  Then while on a walk Paige started waving to daddy.  She would hold out her arm straight and move her little hand up and down, so freakin cute.  When daddy took over the stroller I tried to get her to wave at me she was all waved out but Owen started to wave.  He used his whole arm and head to say hello....  HELLO BABIES!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Mama

Over their weekend visit Jalie had a great time with Paige. Owen was a little less tolerate of getting toted around so Jalie stuck with Paige most of the time. Jalie loved to move her around from place to place, sit her on her lap, read to her and play with her. Paige was a great sport the entire time and I'm sure liked all the attention. I can't wait to see them interact in the next few years. I'm sure Paige will think Jalie hung the moon.
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First Soccer Game

Two weeks ago my sis and the kids visited. Aunt Julie needed a baby fix! We had a good visit and seemed to run around less than we usually do when they come to town. One of the highlights was a little pick up soccer game in the backyard. Julie and I ran around with the babies and they LOVED it. Jalie and Ross also had a great time. Piper played too and was without a doubt the best defender out there:)
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Monday, August 29, 2011

High School Reunion

The weekend before school started the babies and I headed to Alb to hang out with two of my best buds from high school. Between the three of us we have 6 kids! I expected a little more chaos but it was actually a relaxing time. It helped that Krissi's mother-in-law was there to help out. We ate a lot, played with babies, went for a walk, and even got to go have dinner without babies... Thank you to Steven and his mom! We hope to get together every summer.. Should be interesting next summer with four 1 year olds, one 4, one 6 and one 7....
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Since starting work Owen has had a really rough time when I  drop him off for daycare... Until today!  Most mornings Owen would cry and cling to me while sis is just ready to play.  The first couple days were really rough but Connie assured me that he is fine just a few minutes after I leave so I become a little more relaxed.  Today I was expecting the same, put Paige down first with a toy, hand Owen bawling over to Connie and race out feeling blah about it, but today I put Owen down next to sis and he started to play too...  I kissed them both, waited for Owen to cry so I could pick him up, but he didn't.  He played and didn't even notice me walking out the door. Is it wrong that this good thing makes me so sad? 

10 Months!

Paige and Owen are 10 months today! It's hard to believe that in two short months my little babies will be ONE. At their most recent doc visit both were 28 inches, Paige was 16.3lbs and Owen was 17.7. They both still only have two bottom teeth but in the last week we have seen and felt the top ones coming in on both of them. This month I hope to get out with them for more walks, go out to more restraunts, more trips to the park, go swimming, and just soak up every bit of this time...
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The last two nights have been a little rough for sleep.  Monday, Paige was up off and on and didn't get too many uninterrupted hours, which means the same for mama.  Last night is was little o that had a hard time.  I finally took him to bed with me and had to hold him in my arms, propped up, in order to get him to sleep.  I'm hoping for a better night since being back to work means no naps.  Off to a good start.  Went for a walk with the babies strapped into carriers instead of the stroller and O crashed hard. He missed story time and went to his crib without a fight...  Sleep my sweet sweet little babies.......................

Monday, August 8, 2011

Daycare today:(

Today the babies are back to daycare for the school year.  I don't start work until Thursday but I decided to take then a few days before so I could pick them up early to slowly introduce them back, and I can get a few things done before starting work.  Owen was a little upset and sat in my lap for a few minutes before venturing off to play.  Paige also sat close and took in her surrounding before lightening up a bit.  They don't remember the place or Connie but I have to keep telling myself that in a few days it will be easier and they will be comfortable again.  I think that change may be more difficult for this mama...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today Paige seems to have a better handle on a true "crawl".  She continues to belly flop to get around but she first lifts off with a crawl before dropping to her belly and grunting her way to her destination.