Thursday, July 29, 2010

25 weeks and counting

This post never made it past the title.  Reason?  I way over think things.  So here it is 23 weeks later and I'm gonna attempt to recover from memory some of the highlights of being pregnant while two of the most beautiful babies I've seen catch a much needed nap.

It's TWINS!  That day is kind of a haze but what I do remember is Dan standing next to me holding my hand.  We both looked at the monitor then at each other, we laughed and cried all at the same time.  We would be a family of four!  It's still hard for me to believe.

The next few months was a bit of a roller coaster ride.  We were so excited but fearful that something may go wrong.  For that reason we did not tell everyone, just close friends and family.  It didn't take long of morning sickness to kick in and boy did it KICK IN!  There were a few weeks that I threw up almost everyday and many days I threw up numerous times.  Early cravings included pimento cheese and white bread.  I think I had it for something like four meals in a row.  The only aversion was water which made the important duty of staying hydrated difficult.  Water, no matter from the fridge or bottle tasted horrible.  Dan did a great job or reminding me to drink water (I loved him for that one, Ha!) and catering to cravings..

What I remember about the second trimester is the feeling of relief.  Relief that we were past the high rate of miscarriage time and relief from hurling daily.  Doctor appointments also went well.  Babies continued to grow, I gained weight, and we were all healthy.  Dan was able to make all appointments but two.  We loved the sonograms, especially once we started getting them weekly.  Roz (ultrasound tech) was  great!

Oh the third trimester...  Swollen ankles, endless hunger and sleepless nights.  Going to work became a little more of a challenge but it was doable.  Everyday I answered the same two questions at least 3 times a day,  "I'm due at the end of October" and "Both" was the response.  My "Both"  response was most commonly meet with sweet and happy comments but there were the occasional turds that would give me a look of pity and make stupid comments like "I'm glad it's you and not me".  I always just smiled but looking back I should have just simply agreed to that one..

The weight gain started to get to me.  At one appointment I remember stepping on the scale and when I turned to step off Dan was standing there with a silly grin that seemed to say "wow, that's a lot"!  We laughed but I think I really wanted to cry.

There is so much more but babies call for bottles!  Birth story coming soon...