Wednesday, December 25, 2013

'Twas the night before Christmas, 2013!'

I'd say you were both a little excited about Christmas this year.  This was our first Christmas Eve in our little house together. 
Things that made the night extra special
-watching our Dada's favorite, 'A Christmas Story'
-putting on our special Christmas Jammies, You looked like sweet little candy canes
-reading the 'The night before Christmas'
-talking about Santa and you really getting it
-our Nana having a sleep over to share a fun and special night with us

Monday, December 23, 2013

Carlsbad Christmas in Las Cruces!

This was the first year of my entire life that I did not spend Christmas in Carlsbad with my family.  It really didn't hit me until Christmas day and really hit when I got a text from Aunt Julie saying she was finding it harder not having us there than she had expected.  All was okay though because we spent the entire first week of Christmas with everyone we love so much.  The weekend before Christmas Carlsbad came to us.  Saturday, I (meaning dada) made a yummy dinner, then we opened presents and just enjoyed the company.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tummy troubles!

This past weekend wasn't a complete bust. We saw Santa, did some Christmas shopping, and even went grocery shopping. We did all this while a nasty bug was building up ready to pounce. Mommy and daddy seem to have got the worst of it but today I'm home with a sick little Owie. I can hear his tummy rumbling just laying in bed next to him. My poor little chicken:(

Merry Christmas!

Saturday we headed out to see Santa. Owen and Paige, you were both so excited and waved and yelled to him from the gate while we waited in a thankfully short line. Owen, you asked Santa for a robot. Paige, you asked him for a pink baby doll.  Now we just wait to see if the big guy delivers! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Letter to my "BIG" little 3-year-old Paige!

Dear, Fierce-Brave-Mighty-Sweet Paige

You are a month into your 3rd year and keeping this mommy on her toes! You continue to want to do things independently and I cling to doing things for you every chance I get.  You are still a daddy's girl and even yesterday proclaimed "daddy is my best friend". Believe me when I say, I was not rolling my eyes, I was just trying to get hair out of my face;)

 You love to sing and dance. When mommy announces a dance party, you are the first to jump up and start shaken it.  Your sweet little voice singing broken bits of songs we sing at home or ones you learn at daycare is my favorite thing to listen to. In fact, this morning you climbed in bed with us before 6 am and sang pieces of "You are my sunshine". I smiled, kissed your forehead and politely asked you to go back to sleep. 

You are a pretty good eater and still love to eat lots of fruit. But if we let you, I think you would eat candy morning, noon and night. 

You are outgoing with your friends at daycare and on play dates but get a little shy around adults you don't know very well.  You have lots of baby dolls and other girly toys but you seem more interested in playing superheroes, doctor, and monster games. 

Daddy and I often shake our heads at each other wondering where in the heck you come up with some of the stuff you say and do. We also have to take turns wrangling your little hinney because you like to make us work for things like getting dressed, taking a bath, or wiping your nose. 

You love your brother and daycare tells me you hug and kiss on him often. This makes my heart so happy! I won't go into the hair pulling, kicking, hitting, irritating each other that happens once and awhile (all the time;), who's gonna remember that stuff anyway?!

My Sweet Sunshine, My little Pay-G-G, My Sis-a-roo, My Sissy-sue. Stay brave, fierce and mighty!  I cannot get enough of your silly little personality and could just SQUEEZE you ALL DAY-EVERY DAY.. You make mommy proud and continue to be the brightest, funniest part of my life. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


"Nexterday"- meaning sometime tomorrow or anytime in the future really.

"Yesternight"- meaning last night, or yesterday, or anytime in the past. 

Owen, I LOVE your little made up words! 

Happy Halloween!

Babies, we spent your third Halloween in our home and neighborhood. There seems to be a change happening with this holiday and I'm not too happy about it. Less and less people are going into thier neighborhoods and knocking on doors.
It's a great memory I have as a kid running around and getting candy from the neighbors. More and more, people go to parking lots and trick-or-treat from trunks, or churches, or malls. Maybe it's safer but I'm still holding on to what once was. I hear that there are still some neighborhoods that  buzz with Halloween excite and maybe next year we will load up and impose our lovely selves on one of those communities. Dark neighborhood aside, we had a great night. There were a few streets that numerous homes were in the spirit and gave you fistfuls if sugar. And we had pumpkin shaped pizza with our nana, and handed out candy to those who came knocking on our door. Paige, you were Minnie Mouse and Owen, you were superwhy.  Two of the cutest trick-or-treaters I have ever seen. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The big 3!

Babies, yesterday we celebrated your 3rd birthday!  I know, I know...  Doesn't seem possible.  I spent most of the day sulking and pouting.  I pouted because ... -I don't wanna let my little two year-olds go.  -I don't wanna lose the adorable toddler jibber jabber and the made up words.  -I don't wanna move on.  -I wanna be stuck.  STUCK in this phase of life for eternity.  Pretty Please! Can't I have just this ONE thing!

BUT WAIT... If I were to get what I want so badly, then I wouldn't get to experience life with two little 3 year-olds. I wouldn't get to see the wonderful, beautiful changes that will happen in the next year.  Your bodies will grow, your personalites will continue to blossom, and there is NO WAY I want to miss out on that. So, I will allow it.  DEEP BREATH...  Babies, I give you permission to move up a pant size, to push the limits, to make new friendships, learn new things, and to give me more gray hairs. 

Things that made your birthday extra special was sharing homemade cupcakes (that you helped make) with your friends at daycare, Papaw treating us to a special birthday dinner at Chili's, and coming home to cool scooters and helmets from your Nana.  I can honestly say that I LOVED being the mom of two 2 year-olds, even when it was hard..

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween at Nana's office..

Nana's office Halloween party is the perfect mix of scary and sweet. There were scary monsters, hairy jumping spiders, and lots of sweet treats. The definate highlight was the attorney Marc, who dressed up like a creepy clown and scared all the kids. It's pretty impressive how they decorate the office and they all get into the Halloween spirit. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


We need more weekends like this. It was a nice balance of laziness and being productive. We did some grocery shopping, went out for a doughnut treat, put in our hopscotch path, and lots of laundry. We ended the weekend with a yummy dinner at our Nana's. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

I want to go to Albuquerque!

Pa had a workshop in abq so the whole family headed up there to hang out. While Pa was learning about meditation we hit the zoo and bio park with Granny and aunt Julie's crew. It was a very long day but lots of fun.  We got to see the hippos eat lunch and enjoy two long train rides between parks. That evening we took pa out for his birthday dinner then headed back to the hotel for a brief, cold swim.. 

Friday, September 13, 2013


It's Friday and I guess dada and I were both in the mood to shake up our evening because we did something new and went to the movies for the first time as a family.  O and P your first movie was monsters university in Carlsbad but this movie I consider a big milestone for us.  We had as much fun as you can with two two-year-olds, with all the seat/lap jumping and Paige's six trips to the potty, but it was full of perfect little moments that made me laugh and smile.  Highlights for mama were Owen sitting on dada's lap making plane noises during the big race scene, Paige telling mama that she loved me more than ice cream during one of the many potty breaks, and you little stinkers having a little dance party in the isle to the groovy music playing while the credits rolled. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stop and Go Right Away!

Paigey you did it! You are potty trained baby girl! It was a long summer of trial and error but you really got the hang of it right before we started back to school in August. With the help of gummies (for pee) and "lilypops" (for poop) you made it happen. With this new developmental milestone concurred you moved up to the next room at daycare leaving behind your bubba and several older friends that are still learning.  Way to go sis, you make me one proud mama!

Monday, August 19, 2013

What a week!

Babies, last week was a bit of a doozey!  It included: 2.5 sick days from work..  Two visits to the Dr. office. Two visits to Sams club to pick up drugs. My first real projectile vomit experience, thank you baby girl.  Over a week of diarrhea for both of you.  Very "ouchie booties".  Lots of help from our Nana (bonus sleep over included). A birthday party.  Visits with Uncle Nathan. A play date with Lily.  Dinner at our pal Emersons. Contract work on the side yard.  AND all done while our dada was off on a trip with his buddies.  Mama couldn't have done it with a smile on her face without our Nana and the friends who took pity on us and kept us feed and busy.  Mama is now ready for a healthy house and our dada's return tonight.  He cannot get here soon enough!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer 2013!

Oh summer, why must you go?!  And why in the heck has mama not recorded all of your fantastic beauty along the way?  Gonna do my darndest to re-cap the "best of summer 2013" adventures.. 

1.  Disneyland!!  This magical trip kicked off our summer and you both are still talking about it.  We left on a Monday and came back on a Friday.  This trip (fingers crossed) will get it's own post soon.

2.  Carlsbad!!  If memory is right, we made two trips to Cbad.  One to celebrate fathers day with our pa, and another just hang out.  On our last trip we took a ride in Aunt Julie's razor.  We drove from the house to the river.  Being at the river reminded me a lot of being a teenager hanging out at the river with friends.  We have some river tubing trips in our future for sure..

3.  Playdates!!  I'm not even gonna attempt to count up the playdates, with who, when and where, but we had lots of them.  We played at our house, parks, the bounce house, and our friends houses.  It's fun to watch you build relationships with other little people and learn to work things out on your own. Owen you are my little in door kid who likes to do your own thing most of the time.  Paige you are a little social butterfly and are always in the thick-of-it...

4.  Mountain vacation with our friends Lily and Kathy!!  We were invited to spend a few days in Ruidoso and take advantage of their time share.  We hiked, went on our first pony ride, ate ice cream, went to a 4th of july celebration (reminded momma of the movie dirty dancing), went swimming, and romped all around the condo. Paige, you a Lily are the best of frienimes!!  One minute you are playing together and laughing and the next you are smacking each other in the face, yanking toys out of each others hands.  The two of you together are both cute and exhausting.  Owen, you were a model child. Or so it seemed since the other 2 years olds on this trip were a handful. 

5.  Swimming!!  Every chance we got, we hit the pool.  We went to swimming class almost every monday, swimming at several friends houses, swimming on vacations, friday family swim at the gym and set up our little pool in the backyard.  You are both very comfortable in the water and love to "swim" on your own. 

6.  Mornings!!  Mama LOVES summer mornings.  We take our time, make breakfast, watch cartoons and play in the backyard.  There is no rush and it's wonderful. 

7.  Visitors!!  We had many visitors over the summer.  We had a nice long visit from our Papaw, one from our friend Traci, a few from our friend Nathan, and a few from our friends Isaac and Jenni.  It's hard to get to see our friends these days so these visits are sweet and cherished. 

8.  Late nights!!  We have allowed ourselves to go off schedule and just enjoy.  Babies one night while in cbad you almost stayed up until mid-night!  There have been many nights while friends were visiting that you have stayed up way past bed time running around the backyard while we sat on the patio.  I loved everything about those nights.  Our friends, the weather, our patio, and your (at times) naked little hiney's. 

9.  Mommy co-op!!  With our friends Erika and Kathy, we took turns each week running a little daycare so us momma's could have some time to relex, run errands, and do chores.  It was just a few hours each week but helped and was fun. 

10.  After nap times!!  Momma is SO gonna miss sharing after nap time everyday with you babies.  It's such a sweet time.  We snuggle and scrounge for snacks.  I love the smell or your slobbery little faces and your sweaty little bodies after you wake up.  I breath you in and just can't get enough. 

I know I'm missing so much but will do my best to look through pics and post more and this fantastic summer. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Paige, yesterday you brought me this petal and said "keep it forever".. So here, in this blog, I will keep it forever my sweet girl.

Happy 7!

Yesterday dada and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary! Being a weekend day we both spent the day at work but after we did something that made us both smile. We went to swimming lessons, picked up dinner and played in the backyard with our two favorite little people. Life is good! Especially with your dada:)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Owen and Paige, spring break was OUR week.  OUR week to travel to Carlsbad and back.  OUR week to have multiple play dates.  OUR week to sleep in.  OUR week to do what we WANT to do. MY week to be a stay-at-home mom and just be with you.  It was, in one word, FANTASTIC! 

It started on Saturday, March 25th.  Dada helped us pack up, kissed us goodbye and we headed to C-bad to be with family.  The drive was a little icky with all the wind and dust.  We arrived to a surprise Easter party, ate a yummy ham dinner, hunted eggs inside (again, icky wind) and visited with friends a family.  It wasn't too long into the day before I figured out that I forgot our bag with EVERYTHING in it! Was first a little bummed but quickly realized that this meant we would get to go shopping.  And that is what we did.  Once everyone left, we got back in the van with Aunt Julie, Ross, Jaile, and Granny and headed to Roswell.  We picked up diapers, wipes, clothes (maybe more that we really needed:) and tooth brushes.  On Sunday, we feed the ducks and spent the day playing at the house.  Monday we headed back early since it wasn't their spring break.  It was an excellent start to OUR week!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Friends, Family & Fun..

The weekend was full and went FAST. Too fast! Our Papaw and Diane got here Thursday and Uncle Jon Saturday. Even Nathan was here! Highlights: patio time with nice weather, park time, lunch with papaw and Diane, mama's night out with friends, death march to cheer on papaw, Diane and Uncle Jon and Nathan's team,yummy steak dinner with a house full of people we know and love. We got some bonus time with Uncle Jon before he headed back home on Tuesday.

Monday, March 11, 2013

My little helper..

Paige tonight you offered to take my small bowl into the kitchen for me. What a sweet girl! Now dada is having to take apart the sink because you did such a good job that the small little bowl is now stuck. Never a dull moment in this house!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Carlsbad kinda weekend!

We spent the weekend in cbad celebrating the birthdays of aunt Julie and cousin Ross. Enjoyed good food and great company. Highlights included all the cousin play time (Paige you are on cloud nine with Jalie), cake (mama cut you off Owen but granny of course didn't listen), and three rowdy little boys keeping dada up most the night (this made mommy giggle!)..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nana to the Rescue!

Babies this past weekend was a rough one. Your dada and I were both sick and we were hurtin! I had been feeling it most of the week but tried to convince myself Saturday morning that I felt "better". I managed to get us dressed and out the door for our pal Emerson's birthday party but before the candles were blown out I packed us all up and headed back home. I put you down for a nap then called nana to let her know I was not gonna be able to hang out like we had planned. She must have heard the pain in my voice and made plans to pick you and and keep you for the rest of the weekend.. Yes, I said weekend! This was your first sleepover and boy was it needed... It's a common theme in our lives and in this blog, but gotta say it again, Our nana rocks!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

"Go for walk in neighborhood mama" -owen

After picking you little chickens up we headed to sonic for a treat of ice water before heading home.  I wounder how long I can keep the gig up that ice water is a treat.  It's still a treat for this mama so hopefully you'll still want it even after you have discovered soda..  On the way home Owen said "go for walk in neighborhood mama"?  So that's what we did, hopped right out of the van and started our walk.  We made a few trips around our little block before heading for the desert.  Owen you are becoming quite the runner and once you hit the desert you are ready to explore.  Paige you have been a little more hesitant out there, not sure if was the run in we had with a dog out there last week but you prefer to be held by mama, which makes for a happy mama!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's the little things..

So I'm recovering from being under the weather and we just got home for the day. I'm fixing dinner and Paige was in the kitchen keeping me "company" when Owen came and looked at her with his head cocked to the side and said "wanna play choo-choo trains with me" in the sweetest little voice. She said yes and they ran off. It's like they know mama needs them to take it easy on her.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It was another busy weekend full of family, friends, parties, and shopping.  Friday, Aunt Julie and the kids showed up.  Then Granny and Pa arrived on Saturday morning.  We watched a DVD about Disney Land and now everytime you guys get in the car you think you are going.  I reassure you we will go but not until this summer. We then ate at Jalie and Ross's favorite place, McCalisters..  You both did a great job with only minor redirection needed.  It helps to have numerour adults and a few kids around to keep you entertained.  After lunch Mama and Aunt Julie headed over to a baby shower for Ms. Sharyn to celebrate her new grandbaby, Amber. We are very excited about her arrival and look forward to one day meeting the sweet girl.  Saturday evening was dinner in,.  Highlight was Jalie and Ross dancing and trying to teach you babies Gangum-style..  They are such cool cousins! 

Sunday Mama opted out of a birthday party for our twin friends Dagney and Eulee to spend the day shopping with Julie and the kids.  Dada did a terrific job of getting you guys up and to the party..  Nana and Ms. Sharyn were also there and from what I hear you babies had a great time and were on your best behavior.  Good job! 

After Julie and the kids left we slowed down and spent the rest of the evening lounging.  Paige you had a low grade fever and fell asleep on dada's chest..  You both looked so sweet but I hated that you didn't feel good.  It must have been a fluke because you woke up the next morning your happy little self. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Kicken' Nuggets...

Thursday dinner was simple and easy and it made for two happy little ones.. Owen loves his "kicken nuggets".. Paige was pretty happy with her dinner too!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Aunt Net..

Tonight we hung out with Aunt Net one last time before she heads back Mississippi. She was here for almost 4 whole months! This was a treat for all if us since we haven't got to spend much time with our extended family. In the short time she was here we got to celebrate birthdays and holidays and share important memories that we will have forever. We sure will miss seeing her every week but look forward to maybe one day heading to Mississippi to hang out with her on her home turf!

Playdate in the Snow!

It's Snowing! A Lot!  So happy that we had this snow on our break.  We headed over to our pal Emerson's house and played for a very short time in it.  Owen, you wanted very little to do with it and Paige, you were more a little more interested. I think because we are poorly equipped with the proper snow gear it was pretty easy to give up quickly and head back inside.  Paige, you made mama very proud by telling me you needed to potty and sat in the kitchen on Emerson's potty and peed. We all clapped and cheered for you!  Way to go Paige!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Any time is potty time!

So Owen you haven't shown a whole lot of interest in potty training but today was a little different. We headed to nana's house since Juliana was working at the house. You told me you needed to potty and agreed to try the potty seat out. You were ready to be done pretty much once you sat up there, but you tried.. I let you run around commando hoping you may change your mind. I really just wanted to write this post because I love these pics!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Las Cruces Christmas!

The day after Christmas we were ready for round two.  We headed to the airport to pick up our Papaw and by the time we got home Uncle Jon and the boys arrived. The next few days were a beautiful blur of more visitors and activites.  Other special guests that we enjoyed during the break were our very good friends Nathan and Traci.  They make mama very happy!  Some of the highlights over the break were getting to go out and see the hobbit (thank you to Aunt Traci for watching O and P), hanging out at the house with EVERYONE playing shut the box and just enjoying the company, a Christamas dinner with the family and friends that are just like family, and a kickball game with our biggest showing yet. The kickball game deserves it's own post!  also bummed that I didn't get more pics of the fun times:(