Sunday, April 17, 2011

Double trouble! In the morning I lay both babies on either our bed or the fouton to get ready. It used to be pretty easy since they didn't move much but that is changing quickly. Now days they roll around and Owen likes to put in hands all over his sister. Lately I've had to take them into our room while I get ready because they do not like to be alone in the living room. They like to watch me get ready. I sing and dance around to make sure they stay entertained, what a fun job it is!
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Almost 6 months!

Here I am with my beautiful babies. It's not easy holding the two of them and it's not gonna get any easier but it sure is fun... The weekend is almost over. Paige just went to bed rather easy and dad is working on little O. From about noon on both babies and been unusually fussy. Not been easy since Dan and I are both pretty tired from the weekend festivities. Julie and the kids came to town on Friday night. Saturday we went shopping with babies in tow and then went and had the babies (all four) pictures taken. We needed to get them done for mothers day for Granny and Nana, plus I wanted to have then done since the babies are going to be 6 months. Took Julie and the kids to Mcalisters for dinner and they liked it so much they headed there before leaving town. Always nice having my sis around and so glad that we live close enough to be able to do it atleast once a month. She is goning to be a big part of Paige and Owen's life.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Goodbye Weekend:(

It's Monday which means I'm back at work and the babies are at daycare.  Each day that gets closer to summer I crave more time with Paige and Owen.  I look forward to not rushing in the morning and lots of play time.  Saturday I was out of the house more than usual.  I met with Tere (twin mom) for coffee at her house.  I left O&P with daddy and her babies were napping so we had plenty of time to visit.  It's so nice to talk with someone going through this fantastic experience as well.  After that I headed to Tracy's house for a purse party.  I spent more money on a purse than I ever have, a whole $40...  After that it was home to get ready for a date.  Nana came for a sleep over and we went on a date, shopping and dinner.  We wanted to see a movie but after seeing a long line with decided to look for a tv stand instead.

Sunday was a lazy day at home.  The weather turned cold and windy so getting out was not something we wanted to do.  Nana helped me organize the house a little better and now there is a little more room to move around all things baby. 

Now lets hope that the work days go by fast and the evenings slow...  Next weekend sis and the kids are heading this way and we may go get pics of the kids taken.  Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I beg and plead...

Please stop growing!  My babies are growing way too fast.  I need to find a magic bottle or sponge to soak this all up.  I tell myself everyday, "cherish this time. remember this moment forever." We have two of the sweetest little babies and I can't get enough of them.  I love their little faces, the way they smell, and their sweet little voices. 

Yesterday walking with Carla and Mateo, Carla was saying a word in spanish to Paige, she then explained that it meant "little doll" and I agreed.  Pagie has the longest eye lashes, blue blue eyes and chubby little cheeks.  I still can't believe that we made something so beautiful. 
Then there is my little Owen who also has very long eye lashes (must be from daddy) and chubby cheeks.  Owen also has the sweetest little smile that makes we want to cry...Best Babies Ever!

Back to routine...

So last week Jon, Derek and Papaw Joe were all here.  Jon for the Death March and Joe to visit and help out while our daddy went to Phoenix for work.  Papaw, of course, was again a huge help!  He feed babies and mama very well.  I think I ate more veggies last week than I have in months.  Hopefully we can keep it up now.  The plan tonight is baked potatoes and broccoli, yummm!

Dan had a good time in Phoenix, mostly because he got to hang out with Alex and Nathan.  I was a little jealous but I don't think I'm ready to be away from my babies for any extended amount of time and I don't know when that's gonna happen.  Dan picked up some cool gifts for the babies (pirate octopus, a stuffed turtle, and "The Grouchy Ladybug" book). 

It was a good week and with Papaw here it was much easier than I had anticipated, but I'm happy to have our daddy home and getting back to our routine.