Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last weekend we headed out to Cbad to celebrate Julie and Ross's birthdays and go to my best friends baby shower. Her twin girls (yes twins!) came a little early so it was kind of fun to have a baby shower and be able to meet the babies all at the same time. It was great to be with Deidra and her three kids, Krissi and her two little girls, and my beautiful babies. We have plans to have a little reteat up in Alb. this summer.. Really looking forward to it!!
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Monday, February 14, 2011


So Aunt Julie offered to watch the babies to give Dan and I a night out. We enjoyed a very nice dinner at the Trinity and took a drive up to C-Hill. When we got back I took "Paige" from Rocky to finish her bottle. While feeding her I felt like something was off but wasn't sure what it was. It took a few minutes of looking before I realized that I was holding Owen!! PAY BACK! I knew it would be coming for those times I painted Ross's toenails and gave Jalie mohawks.. Good job Sis!
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Happy 1st Valentines Day Babies!

First day of daycare and Valentine's Day.. What a combo! Luckly we are not big on celebrating this day so it's not like being bummed about leaving the babies at daycare also ruined Valentines for us. Dropping the babies was the worst part of it all. I of course cried and had to compose myself before going into work. I lasted a few hours then went to check on them. They were both in their cribs just hangning out and seemed to be doing just fine without me... At the end of the work day I rushed there and was able to get the babies home for their 4 oclock bottle.. I hope to accomplish this on most days. I want to be the one to feed them as much as possible.

When I was leaving the ladies at the day care reminded me to check their boxes. Both had Valentine Boxes with cards plus several baggies full of treats (cheetos, jello, candy, cupcakes).. ???? I thought it was a little funny but sweet, I'm sure they intended the treat for us anyway:)
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Sunday, February 13, 2011


These precious babies start daycare tomorrow and I'm not too happy about it. I would love to stay home all play with them until for the next five years but I know that this is a right decision for our family. I think the person that is going to have the hardest time is me... I know these babies will be well cared for but man am I g0nna miss everything about them while I'm at work...

Just so I don't forget later.. Tonight Owen rolled all the way over to his tummy! Way to go Little O!
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yesterday Dan and I headed to the day care to turn in paperwork and meet the baby room staff.  It all went well and everyone seems very nice but it doesn't help me feel better.  I know it's just something that I'm gonna have to suck up and it's something all mothers who return to work face but ugh... I just don't wanna!  These babies are just so stinken precious to me and I could hold them forever.  On the plus side I know that they will benefit in the long run by developing their social skills..  Just gotta keep telling myself that:)

Today both babies have gone down for naps super easy which gives me hope that they will do the same at daycare making life a little easier for them..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Play time!

Today the babies had their first play date.  While in the hospital one of the nurses gave me the name of a woman who had twin (boy/girl) two months before me, we connected shortly after met a few times but finally decided to get the babies together.  We met at Joni's who also has boy/girl twins and sat around a big blanket and passed around all six babies.  Paige and Owen were the youngest but all babies are still not mobile so it was pretty easy to entertain and wrangle..  I'm sure in a few months our play dates will be drastically different.  Paige and Owen seemed interested in the other babies and a little frightened by Leeann's power cry.  Was a good little preview for daycare...  That happens next week and I'm not looking forward to that at all:(

Friday, February 4, 2011

Brrrr Rabbit

This has been one crazy week.  Pretty much all of NM is having freezing weather causing schools and businesses to be closed.  Dan has been off since Wednesday so it's been nice to have the help with feedings and diaper changes.  The babies are too small to really enjoy the snow but we did get them both out strapped into the bjorn just for a quick picture.  The cold weather has also caused a lot of problems with water and electricity.  We have lost electricity around 5 times so far, the longest lasting around 2 hours.  Today is supposed to warm up which is good because the desert is not made for this weather.