Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First leg of Christmas Break!

Since your daddy and I have been together, we have always traveled to Carlsbad a few days before Christmas and headed back to Las Cruces on Christmas day.  We had talked about changing it up this year so we could be in our home on Christmas morning but plans, as they will, were changed so we stuck with tradition once again this year.  We had a great time in Carlsbad..  Highlights included riding on the tractor with Uncle Rocky (Paige you hopped on with no fear), meeting a horse named Peanut, playing with our cousins, mama and dada getting some time away to have dinner with Uncle Nathan, prepping Christmas Eve for Santa (reading the night before Christmas, spreading reindeer food on the lawn, and cookies and milk), and waking up on Christmas morning to see all the special things Santa brought us.  Owen, you told dada "I'm scared" when he came into the room to tell us that Santa had came.  It was so sweet and I had to try very hard not to giggle...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the night before Christmas 2012!

Two little chickens are snug in their beds with visions of scoot bikes zooming in their heads. This parenting thing just keeps getting better and better. I can't wait til the morning to see their little faces!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sesame Street!

You know your mama and dada love you when they drive 6 hours to watch your face light up! Saturday we packed up the van, packed our Nana up too, and headed to Albuquerque to see elmo and friends live. The trip was nothing but fun! At the show we had our first snow cone, ate cotton candy, and danced. Owen, you got a hug and tap on the head from Ernie, and Paige you got a high five from Rosita! Paige you were a little scared at the start of the show but you warmed up and danced in the aisle at the second half. Owen you were loving it from the start but got all tuckered out and slept most if the second half in nana's arms. I had to fight back tears throughout the show, it was just so fun and filled my heart with joy to see this through your eyes.. Okay, sappy mama moment over!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


So this hump day you got your hair cut by nana's friend, Bernadette, and also got a very special gift in the mail from one of dada's work friends living in Germany. After picking you little chickens up we headed straight to Bern's house. You both did a fantastic job of sitting still while she cut your hair, the peanut butter m&ms helped;). The special gift was chocolates and a advent calendar.. We all enjoyed the chocolates, especially me!

Monday, December 3, 2012

What a weekend!

The saying is true, time does fly when you are having fun! Saturday we picked out a Christmas tree, surprised Nana at her house with two poinsettas, decorated the house, and  Uncle Alex came over surprising mama with rice and salsa, yumm!  Sunday Mama and Uncle Alex ran a 5k and dada surprised mama by loading you both up to hang out at the race while we waited to Alicia and Tony to finish their run. Paige, you even had cute little pony tails! After the run we headed to Andele's dog house for a early lunch.  You both were a little antsy and not too hungry so the meal itself was scarfed down by mama and dada but the company was good and it's just another restraunt experience with two, two year olds! After lunch it was home for a short nap.  We were initally planning on missing a bday party but after a phone call, mama did the unthinkable and woke you guys up from a nap, gasp!  Connor was worried that no kids were coming for his birthday so his mama called to make sure we would be there. Couldn't say no to that.  You were both a little cranky initailly but after we got to the party you were all smiles.  After the party we started to head home but instead decided to go have pizza with Nana and Net at Nana's house.  It was a wonderful two days spent with friends and family!