Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

The best thing I have ever done in my life is marry this man. He was first a trusted friend, then a supportive and adventrous boyfreind, on to a amazing husband and now a loving Father.

Here is how his first Father's Day went. He traveled back from a trip to see Jon and got home around 2. He was tired so he we let him take a long "Father's Day Nap". I planned on cooking dinner but the babies were a little fussy so he had to make his own Father's Day dinner which is probably best being that he is a better cook. The babies continued to have a rough night and we ended up having to reheat our dinner. His present also didn't make it in time so that was another bummer.. Luckily we have chill Daddy that wasn't too concerned about it all. I promised him that next Father's Day will be much more planned and go smoother.
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Inch Worm...

So Little Owen has been on the move for a few weeks now. He's really starting to pick up some speed too! It's still not a real "crawl" being that he uses mostly his arms and drags the rest of his body behind him. It surprises me how quickly he can go from point A to B in seconds. He also lets nothing stand in his way, including his sister. I have had to rescue her a few times when he attempts to bulldozer right over her.

He continues to have two bottom teeth and no sign of others but him seems a little fussy from time to time due to some teething stuff.

He also loves to be walked around in carriers and enjoyed being hauled around on daddy's back while he did the dishes and watered the yard this evening.

I can't get enough of his little smiles, babbling, and laughter. Almost forgot to mention that he is saying "MaMa"! It could be some baby babble but I choose to believe that he is saying "Mommy I love you and you will always be the number one woman in my life"..  Yep, that is exactly what he is saying..
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Momma and her babies..

Yesterday when returning home from giving Nana a ride to work I saw a Momma quail struggle getting her many little babies across  Roadrunner which is a very busy road.  I slowed down and watched as she scrambled to get about a dozen babies together.  The passing cars were blowing them all over the road and the Momma looked panicked.  I pulled on a side street where I could still see the car and ran over where Momma had made it to the other side but now the babies could not get over the curb.  A city worker saw what I was doing, he put on his vest and made sure traffic saw us and moved over while we helped the babies up the curb.  Momma ran off when she saw us but I could hear her calling her babies.  I hope that by touching them I didn't cause another problem and that all the babies found their way back to Momma. This made me think about my little babies and the panic and worry I will face for pretty much the rest of my life.  With all of the love and joy that fills me everyday, there is also a constant worry.  Are they okay?  Am I doing what is best for them?  Like the Momma quail today, I'm sure there are going to be moments that I feel helpless and panicked.  These are the things that I don't think you are really able to prepare yourself for until you have kids.


Dan's trip to Colorado was good and my sis's visit was too but we are happy to have Daddy back.  Owen seems to be going through some attachment milestone and would love to be attached to my hip.  The entire time my sister was here he cried for me if he was not in my arms.  It is difficult but I must admit that when I pick him up and he nuzzles his little face into my chest and grabs me tight it truly melts me.  I know this is a passing phase so I'm gonna just enjoy my little Momma's boy for now.  Paige was a very happy and social baby with my sis and the kids.  She loved to laugh and watch Jalie dance and read to her.  Julie and I took several walks and she said she felt inspired to get out and do more when she got home.  I hope she does and I hope that we keep up our walks even when the heat continues to creep up. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The green grass grows all around!

We have been working pretty hard to get the back yard in shape, especially daddy. The grass is looking the best it has since we bought the house. We have really been enjoying sitting on the back porch on most evenings. After the neighbor stopped by and let her son crawl around a little we put both babies on the grass to see how they would like it. Paige 'SAT' (which she does now:) for several minutes but Owen wanted daddy to hold him. Fun times ahead in our backyard..
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A trip for daddy...

Tomorrow Dan is leaving for a much needed visit with his brother.  Him leaving these days makes me much less nervous than it did in the beginning.  That and I will have lots of help. Nana plans to stay Thursday, then Julie and the kids are headed this way to hang out for the weekend.  Should be fun...  Dan will be back on Father's Day so we can all celebrate what a awesome dad he is!

Summer fun!

After a rough start with sick babies and a sick daddy I would say that we are now getting into a groove with summer. We wake up, Paige usually first at about 5:30, and I lay in the bed with her and we stare at each other, babble and I attempt to get her to sleep a little more but I have yet to be successful. She is just a early bird I guess. Owen wakes up about a hour later then it's time for breakfast, which is oatmeal with a fruit puree then bottles. We then play for a while before setting out for a walk. The rest of our day is play, sleep, eat, read, in whatever order feels right at the time.

Here Owen attempted to climb over his sissy and she was very tolerant, even when he got stuck and had to wiggle and kick his way over. It was adorable!
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

6 month pics

I wanted to get the babies pictures made a six months and Julie and I decided that pics of all 4 grandkids would be a great mothers day gift for granny. It's been almost two months since these were taken which seems impossible.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Sleepless Paige

Tonight after Daddy put Paige to sleep she woke up again most likely due to brother crying. I attempted to let her soothe herself to sleep but couldn't pass up the opportunity for a little quite time with her. She quickly settled down in my arms and I rocked her and just starred. It was a beautiful moment.
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Owen and Paige continue to change everyday. We have movement, teeth, and personalities all developing and changing right before our eyes. Owen went from a roll to a inch worm crawl within what seems like a few days and now he is all over the place. Baby proofing will be a must in the next week or so. I learned today that he can no longer sit in the double bassinet. Luckily he just sat at the edge and screamed at the top of his lungs while watching me get ready. When I saw him I was scared and amazed all at the same time. How did my little baby pull himself up and holy crap don't fall were my exact thoughts. Little O also have his first two teeth come in. I don't know the exact day but it has caused a few fussy nights and irritable little O... Paige continues to do her sky diver impression without forward motion but in the last week she has been getting up on her knees with her belly off the ground so it won't be long. I have a feeling she will be more of a traditional crawler where O is doing the worm thing first. Today Nana came for a visit at lunch and discovered that Paige has TWO TEETH... That explains all the chewing and slobbering.
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