Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nana to the Rescue!

Babies this past weekend was a rough one. Your dada and I were both sick and we were hurtin! I had been feeling it most of the week but tried to convince myself Saturday morning that I felt "better". I managed to get us dressed and out the door for our pal Emerson's birthday party but before the candles were blown out I packed us all up and headed back home. I put you down for a nap then called nana to let her know I was not gonna be able to hang out like we had planned. She must have heard the pain in my voice and made plans to pick you and and keep you for the rest of the weekend.. Yes, I said weekend! This was your first sleepover and boy was it needed... It's a common theme in our lives and in this blog, but gotta say it again, Our nana rocks!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

"Go for walk in neighborhood mama" -owen

After picking you little chickens up we headed to sonic for a treat of ice water before heading home.  I wounder how long I can keep the gig up that ice water is a treat.  It's still a treat for this mama so hopefully you'll still want it even after you have discovered soda..  On the way home Owen said "go for walk in neighborhood mama"?  So that's what we did, hopped right out of the van and started our walk.  We made a few trips around our little block before heading for the desert.  Owen you are becoming quite the runner and once you hit the desert you are ready to explore.  Paige you have been a little more hesitant out there, not sure if was the run in we had with a dog out there last week but you prefer to be held by mama, which makes for a happy mama!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's the little things..

So I'm recovering from being under the weather and we just got home for the day. I'm fixing dinner and Paige was in the kitchen keeping me "company" when Owen came and looked at her with his head cocked to the side and said "wanna play choo-choo trains with me" in the sweetest little voice. She said yes and they ran off. It's like they know mama needs them to take it easy on her.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It was another busy weekend full of family, friends, parties, and shopping.  Friday, Aunt Julie and the kids showed up.  Then Granny and Pa arrived on Saturday morning.  We watched a DVD about Disney Land and now everytime you guys get in the car you think you are going.  I reassure you we will go but not until this summer. We then ate at Jalie and Ross's favorite place, McCalisters..  You both did a great job with only minor redirection needed.  It helps to have numerour adults and a few kids around to keep you entertained.  After lunch Mama and Aunt Julie headed over to a baby shower for Ms. Sharyn to celebrate her new grandbaby, Amber. We are very excited about her arrival and look forward to one day meeting the sweet girl.  Saturday evening was dinner in,.  Highlight was Jalie and Ross dancing and trying to teach you babies Gangum-style..  They are such cool cousins! 

Sunday Mama opted out of a birthday party for our twin friends Dagney and Eulee to spend the day shopping with Julie and the kids.  Dada did a terrific job of getting you guys up and to the party..  Nana and Ms. Sharyn were also there and from what I hear you babies had a great time and were on your best behavior.  Good job! 

After Julie and the kids left we slowed down and spent the rest of the evening lounging.  Paige you had a low grade fever and fell asleep on dada's chest..  You both looked so sweet but I hated that you didn't feel good.  It must have been a fluke because you woke up the next morning your happy little self. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Kicken' Nuggets...

Thursday dinner was simple and easy and it made for two happy little ones.. Owen loves his "kicken nuggets".. Paige was pretty happy with her dinner too!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Aunt Net..

Tonight we hung out with Aunt Net one last time before she heads back Mississippi. She was here for almost 4 whole months! This was a treat for all if us since we haven't got to spend much time with our extended family. In the short time she was here we got to celebrate birthdays and holidays and share important memories that we will have forever. We sure will miss seeing her every week but look forward to maybe one day heading to Mississippi to hang out with her on her home turf!

Playdate in the Snow!

It's Snowing! A Lot!  So happy that we had this snow on our break.  We headed over to our pal Emerson's house and played for a very short time in it.  Owen, you wanted very little to do with it and Paige, you were more a little more interested. I think because we are poorly equipped with the proper snow gear it was pretty easy to give up quickly and head back inside.  Paige, you made mama very proud by telling me you needed to potty and sat in the kitchen on Emerson's potty and peed. We all clapped and cheered for you!  Way to go Paige!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Any time is potty time!

So Owen you haven't shown a whole lot of interest in potty training but today was a little different. We headed to nana's house since Juliana was working at the house. You told me you needed to potty and agreed to try the potty seat out. You were ready to be done pretty much once you sat up there, but you tried.. I let you run around commando hoping you may change your mind. I really just wanted to write this post because I love these pics!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Las Cruces Christmas!

The day after Christmas we were ready for round two.  We headed to the airport to pick up our Papaw and by the time we got home Uncle Jon and the boys arrived. The next few days were a beautiful blur of more visitors and activites.  Other special guests that we enjoyed during the break were our very good friends Nathan and Traci.  They make mama very happy!  Some of the highlights over the break were getting to go out and see the hobbit (thank you to Aunt Traci for watching O and P), hanging out at the house with EVERYONE playing shut the box and just enjoying the company, a Christamas dinner with the family and friends that are just like family, and a kickball game with our biggest showing yet. The kickball game deserves it's own post!  also bummed that I didn't get more pics of the fun times:(