Thursday, December 29, 2011


So there has been the maaamaa and dada but I think Paige's first official word is "HAI" aka Hi! She has been going around the house saying "Hai".  Yesterday while grocery shopping she said "Hai" to a few ladies who stopped to admire the incredible cuteness contained in the stroller.  So that's it, I'm making it official, her first word is "HAI"..HI! 

In other Holiday news we got to have Christmas with our Nana last night.  Today we had many little friends over to make ornaments.  They really didn't turn out like I hoped but it was nice to see our friends.  It was a little tight with four adults and nine childern but it worked..  Paige tried to hang with the big boys and play catch while Owie stuck close to his mama... 

I'm starting to get comfortable with this stay-at-home thing, but only 4 more days till I'm a working gal again.  I'm just fortunate that I not only have the best job in the world, Mommy to Paige and Owen, but I also love being a school social worker. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From Santa!

Santa knew you guys had been such good babies this past year. He brought you a table that was a instant hit!
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Thanksgiving Crafts..

As if I need another reason to love the Daycare Paige and Owen go to, I love that they already have them doing crafts. After Thanksgiving they sent home all the crafts they had made. Such cute stuff and now I know why they came home with marker, paint or glitter all over them. I would love to keep it all but know that it would quickly pile up so I choose a few favorites to keep and decided to take a pic with all the rest of it. 
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Christmas Morning...

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Once apon a time...

Little Owie has got his daddy's love of reading that is for sure. Here he is on the way home from Carlsbad with one of his favorite books in hand. The last line in this book is 'the moon is high, the sea is deep and they rock, and rock and rock to sleep'. I rock him when I read that line and he laughs, it's so sweet.

He has started to carry books to us wanting us to read to him. He gets a little frustrated when it's a big one and it's difficult to carry. I have to confess that today I hid "brown bear, brown bear', because after two days of it I just couldn't take it anymore. He quickly returned to his two other favorite's 'Here comes Halloween' and 'Star War Heros'.

Paige also likes to be read  but she would rather climb over something or play with her blocks. Several times a day she will come and try to take away the book that I'm reading to Owen. I think it's her way of saying "enough with him mom, come play with me".
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Riding in a one horse sleigh...

Jalie had a friend over Christmas eve and they were playing with the American Girl Doll things and asked Julie to get out this sleigh. Paige was in their with them and they ran out laughing saying I had to come see her. Paige right away jumped in and loved this little doll seat. This little girl loved to sit on things and lucky for her she actually fit. Such a silly girl.
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A Cat Says "MEOW"

Owen loves Pixie, sometimes a little too much. Had me thinking for a short time that I would like to get a cat but that is a long way off. He was actually really good with her and she was fantastic with him. She gave him a little warning bite once but never even attemtped to scratch him, even when he got a little rough.
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Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas in Carlsbad at our Aunt Julie's house. We had to head there a day early to beat the snow and good thing we did. It snowed for two days straight! The babies loved that they could actually touch Aunt Julie's tree and got out in the snow for the first time. Owen also loved Jalie's cat Pixie... He followed her around and would pet (hit) her any chance he got. Paige loved playing in Jalie's American Girl Doll sleigh, so much so we finally moved it into the living room so she could crawl in and out as much as her little heart desired.  I'm loving my long break and spending all this extra time with my sweet little babies! Now it's time for New Years... I can't wait to see the changes it brings with Paige and Owen.
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mama's new ride!

After texting, emailing, and talking to 4 car dealers, we took the plunge and bought a mini van. That's right. We're cool!  It was a little stressful because I mostly handled it on my own. It was a nice little test of independence but no real need to 'go independent all over your daddy's ass'..  let's see if I can remember why that is so funny ten years from now.. we r headed to carlsbad now and so far I really dig it. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Momma's mini vacay!

I'm at the airport now getting ready to head to denver to spend some time with my ver best buddy alicia.. since she moved to germany its been email and skype..but in the next 1.5 days we plan on packing in all the fun stuff we love to do together..

Monday, December 5, 2011

Owie's first haircut...

I think if daddy had his way we would have done this weeks ago.  I was having a hard time thinking of cutting his hair because I knew it would make him look more like a little boy and not a baby..  nana was gonna cut it but while she was getting her hair cut her hair dresser offered to do it.. I took him in and he got a very cute cut while sitting in his nanas lap.. he did great.. I think being snuggled up to his nana made it easy..

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Friday!

It was a busy Friday..  Lots going on a work with a little stress here and there and a birthday party for little Connor to end the day.  By far the best part of the day was rocking my little Owie to sleep.  For some reason he didn't fall right asleep so we got a little mommy baby time to ourselves.  It was wonderful...  Love my little Owen Alan!