Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A tisket.. A tasket..

Babies love a basket! Owen and Paige have really started to interact and notice one another. The other day they sat and played with this basket for what seemed like forever but was likely on 20 minutes or so. They laughed, screeched, and babbled at each other the entire time. Owen has also started to "run away" from his sissy, which means if she inches toward him he squeals and tries to crawl in our laps. It's adorable and makes us all laugh, including Paige. You little babies fill my heart and make each day funner than the last.. Mushy mushy momma, I know:)
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Cabin Fun!

Pics from the trip to celebrate our Nana's Birthday.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Nana's pre-bday celebration!

The trip to Taos was a success and I have to say the babies did a fabulous job of traveling.  To Taos there was some crying in the last 30 minutes but being a quite dirt road Nana rescued Paige from the seat and she was happier for it. 

Jenny and Isaac were sweet enough to come watch the babies on Saturday so Dan and I could both go rafting with the family.  Nana will be turning 60 next month and this was on her bucket list so it was great to share this experience with her.  We are a lucky bunch to have such a wonderful Nana!

The cabin was nice and I even got to enjoy the hot tub twice.  Owen had two difficult nights making sleep for Daddy and I a little less than we are use to but we adjusted well.  On Friday Dan and I headed out with the babies and hit the grocery store, then lunch and a neat little pizza place. We sat on the patio and truth be told I was a little nervous because we haven't ate out much with the babies, especially now that they are alert.  We all did pretty well and we even got to eat our entire lunch which I know in the future may be challenging. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Packed Full!

This is going to be a busy month..  Its only July 8th and we have more excitement and fun than we have had in months.  On the 1st Nathan and Alex came and stayed a few days.  Traci and her friend Shana also came for the 4th of July fun. We had a bbq that ended up a little bigger than we had planned but it turned out great!  It was a great mix of new and old friends, our friends, Jon's friends, and Geri's friends.  Definitely makes me want to have more get-together here. 

On the 2nd we went to a birthday party for little Ronan who turned two.  Ronan is the son of Mike who works with Dan.  Super nice guy and a great dad..  They had made a Elmo cake which got me really excited about making the babies their birthday cakes..  Gonna be so fun.  Ronan is a super sweet little guy with some pretty impressive manners for a 2 year old.  Need to have some play dates with him for sure!

The night of the 4th we headed to Tere's (another twin mom) house for a bbq.  Met a lot of very nice folks who wanted to hold the babies but they were a little shy so they mostly stuck with us.  Paige didn't last too long and spent most of the time sleeping in a pack-n-play in another room.  We missed Tere's twins, they were asleep when we arrived. 

We are now enjoying the company of Papaw Joe and his friend Diane.  They are already on a shopping trip to cook up some food for the weekend.  Ahhhh...  Gotta love our Papaw.  He is the best for sure. They plan on staying until Monday and even offered to watch the babies Saturday night to give us a night out. YES! 

Almost forgot to mention that we also have cousin Derek staying with us for a few weeks before heading to Taos for a surprise for Nana's 60th birthday.  He does a great job of not only entertaining himself but the babies too.  They love to watch him jump around and build stuff.  He even made them a little castle out of cardboard that is now a cat house at Nana's house. 

Like I said "packed full"..  So glad there are so many people around to see and get to know the babies at this age because they are so much fun.