Monday, August 19, 2013

What a week!

Babies, last week was a bit of a doozey!  It included: 2.5 sick days from work..  Two visits to the Dr. office. Two visits to Sams club to pick up drugs. My first real projectile vomit experience, thank you baby girl.  Over a week of diarrhea for both of you.  Very "ouchie booties".  Lots of help from our Nana (bonus sleep over included). A birthday party.  Visits with Uncle Nathan. A play date with Lily.  Dinner at our pal Emersons. Contract work on the side yard.  AND all done while our dada was off on a trip with his buddies.  Mama couldn't have done it with a smile on her face without our Nana and the friends who took pity on us and kept us feed and busy.  Mama is now ready for a healthy house and our dada's return tonight.  He cannot get here soon enough!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer 2013!

Oh summer, why must you go?!  And why in the heck has mama not recorded all of your fantastic beauty along the way?  Gonna do my darndest to re-cap the "best of summer 2013" adventures.. 

1.  Disneyland!!  This magical trip kicked off our summer and you both are still talking about it.  We left on a Monday and came back on a Friday.  This trip (fingers crossed) will get it's own post soon.

2.  Carlsbad!!  If memory is right, we made two trips to Cbad.  One to celebrate fathers day with our pa, and another just hang out.  On our last trip we took a ride in Aunt Julie's razor.  We drove from the house to the river.  Being at the river reminded me a lot of being a teenager hanging out at the river with friends.  We have some river tubing trips in our future for sure..

3.  Playdates!!  I'm not even gonna attempt to count up the playdates, with who, when and where, but we had lots of them.  We played at our house, parks, the bounce house, and our friends houses.  It's fun to watch you build relationships with other little people and learn to work things out on your own. Owen you are my little in door kid who likes to do your own thing most of the time.  Paige you are a little social butterfly and are always in the thick-of-it...

4.  Mountain vacation with our friends Lily and Kathy!!  We were invited to spend a few days in Ruidoso and take advantage of their time share.  We hiked, went on our first pony ride, ate ice cream, went to a 4th of july celebration (reminded momma of the movie dirty dancing), went swimming, and romped all around the condo. Paige, you a Lily are the best of frienimes!!  One minute you are playing together and laughing and the next you are smacking each other in the face, yanking toys out of each others hands.  The two of you together are both cute and exhausting.  Owen, you were a model child. Or so it seemed since the other 2 years olds on this trip were a handful. 

5.  Swimming!!  Every chance we got, we hit the pool.  We went to swimming class almost every monday, swimming at several friends houses, swimming on vacations, friday family swim at the gym and set up our little pool in the backyard.  You are both very comfortable in the water and love to "swim" on your own. 

6.  Mornings!!  Mama LOVES summer mornings.  We take our time, make breakfast, watch cartoons and play in the backyard.  There is no rush and it's wonderful. 

7.  Visitors!!  We had many visitors over the summer.  We had a nice long visit from our Papaw, one from our friend Traci, a few from our friend Nathan, and a few from our friends Isaac and Jenni.  It's hard to get to see our friends these days so these visits are sweet and cherished. 

8.  Late nights!!  We have allowed ourselves to go off schedule and just enjoy.  Babies one night while in cbad you almost stayed up until mid-night!  There have been many nights while friends were visiting that you have stayed up way past bed time running around the backyard while we sat on the patio.  I loved everything about those nights.  Our friends, the weather, our patio, and your (at times) naked little hiney's. 

9.  Mommy co-op!!  With our friends Erika and Kathy, we took turns each week running a little daycare so us momma's could have some time to relex, run errands, and do chores.  It was just a few hours each week but helped and was fun. 

10.  After nap times!!  Momma is SO gonna miss sharing after nap time everyday with you babies.  It's such a sweet time.  We snuggle and scrounge for snacks.  I love the smell or your slobbery little faces and your sweaty little bodies after you wake up.  I breath you in and just can't get enough. 

I know I'm missing so much but will do my best to look through pics and post more and this fantastic summer.