Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The big 3!

Babies, yesterday we celebrated your 3rd birthday!  I know, I know...  Doesn't seem possible.  I spent most of the day sulking and pouting.  I pouted because ... -I don't wanna let my little two year-olds go.  -I don't wanna lose the adorable toddler jibber jabber and the made up words.  -I don't wanna move on.  -I wanna be stuck.  STUCK in this phase of life for eternity.  Pretty Please! Can't I have just this ONE thing!

BUT WAIT... If I were to get what I want so badly, then I wouldn't get to experience life with two little 3 year-olds. I wouldn't get to see the wonderful, beautiful changes that will happen in the next year.  Your bodies will grow, your personalites will continue to blossom, and there is NO WAY I want to miss out on that. So, I will allow it.  DEEP BREATH...  Babies, I give you permission to move up a pant size, to push the limits, to make new friendships, learn new things, and to give me more gray hairs. 

Things that made your birthday extra special was sharing homemade cupcakes (that you helped make) with your friends at daycare, Papaw treating us to a special birthday dinner at Chili's, and coming home to cool scooters and helmets from your Nana.  I can honestly say that I LOVED being the mom of two 2 year-olds, even when it was hard..

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween at Nana's office..

Nana's office Halloween party is the perfect mix of scary and sweet. There were scary monsters, hairy jumping spiders, and lots of sweet treats. The definate highlight was the attorney Marc, who dressed up like a creepy clown and scared all the kids. It's pretty impressive how they decorate the office and they all get into the Halloween spirit. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


We need more weekends like this. It was a nice balance of laziness and being productive. We did some grocery shopping, went out for a doughnut treat, put in our hopscotch path, and lots of laundry. We ended the weekend with a yummy dinner at our Nana's.