Thursday, January 22, 2015

Do you wanna build a snow man!

Owen and dada tested positive for strep yesterday and with today's snow, it only made sense that we all stay home. We built a snow man and plan on making snow ice cream (a first). Yay for snow days! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Roll over!

Abby, today you rolled from your belly to your back. It was during some tummy time, which you are NOT a fan. 

Friday, January 9, 2015


Abby, mama's maternity leave has flown by. We have a few more weeks left to do what we do. My heart is already aching for these long days just snuggled up to your warm, adorable little body. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

On the day you were born..

We were excited, nervous, and curious to find out who had been growing in my belly. Nana, Granny, Pa, Aunt Julie, Ross, and Jalie were all there waiting too. It was a little rough because they scheduled us so late in the day. While waiting in the hospital room everyone laughed and joked. Mostly about weather you would be a boy or a girl. Once they got me into the room for the csection, I started to get a little nervous. They wouldn't let your daddy come in the room while they prepped me for surgery. While they were numbing me, they had a hard time getting the needle where they needed. I really wanted to yell for them to stop and get your daddy but I just bit my tongue and waited. Once that was all over, they brought your daddy in and wasted no time getting to it. I can remember just staring into your daddy's eyes and we both were trying to control our tears. The doctors and nurses talked about what they were doing and to one another about their day. I could feel my body being tugged but there was no pain. Once the doctor reached you she said "she's a little toe-head". SHE!! Your daddy and I cried a little more without holding back. Abigail May, you were really here!

The day before Abby!

Abby you were a scheduled c-section and on the 21st mama and dada went to the hospital to register and do some blood work. We also took granny and
Pa out to lunch. I remember being excited and still couldn't believe that I was going to have a baby. Oh, and we had NO IDEA if you were a girl or boy. Dada and I had a feeling though!!

My little lights!

The Christmas play at daycare you both had one line. "I'm the light of friendship" was your line Owen. When you first started rehearsing your line was "I'm the light of doy (joy;) but a little friend could not remember her line so your line was switched up. I was little bummed because I loved hearing you say "doy". "I'm the light that shines in your heart" was your line Paige. You both walked out into the audience, up onto the stage, and said your lines like little pros. It was a very proud mommy moment.