Saturday, September 29, 2012

Letter to Paige

Dear, Precious little Paige

Today you are 23 months old!  That means in just one short month you will be 2!  Just the thought makes me want to carry you around on my hip everyday so I don't miss a giggle, new word, cry, or moment of joy!.  You are such a little ray of sunshine and you make me laugh everyday.  You have this infectious little giggle that I can't get enough of.  In fact, I have a clip of that giggle on my phone and I listen to it almost everyday.  It's beautiful!  You are talking so much these days and repeat everything you hear.  Most common phrases out of your mouth are, "no mama", "my dada", "I do it", "I hold it", "I help" and "my, towel, blanket, car, cup..etc".  You are adventurous and love to climb and find things that are "not for Paige".  You keep me on my toes little one!  You are a dada's girl without a doubt.  I'm convinced that it's only because he carries sweet tarts in his back pocket;)! You love to "dress" yourself, play with your baby doll "SueSee" (suzy), steal toys from your bubba, do puzzles, paint and color, and follow dada around like his shadow.  You can count to 2, and say your ABCs' all the way to 'C'! You are a pro at riding your tricycle already which mama is not sure she is quite ready for. I continue to try and give you cute hair-dos even though most the time you pull out any bow or hair tie within minutes.  You have had skinned up knees for at least the last year because you are just ready and on the go all of the time. Like most months, I'm sure this one will fly by and I will find myself wondering where the time went.  So my sweet baby girl, I ask that you forget all about dada just this month and give mama all of your attention.  I'm gonna need it! 

With all of my Love,


Friday, September 28, 2012

Conversation with Paige...

The other day Dada was driving us home and Paige says "momma, momma", I said "yes Paige", she said "I want Dada".  Dada smiled and I laughed.  She is just a Daddy's little girl and a little turkey.. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Do!

Parts of today momma could have done without, including arguing all day to get a pay raise.  Lucky for momma she has a wonderful family that makes crummy work days all better.  After picking up my babies we headed home to pick up dada then off to the mall to get haircuts.  Paige and Owen were little rock stars and just sat there quietly while the stylist went to work. After that we headed to nana's house to move some furniture, have dinner and visit with nana and aunt Nette.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When we're sleepy!

Babies when you are sleepy you both have these sweet little things you do.  Owen you pull on your earlobes and Paige you twirl your hair.  Give you guys a binky, aka 'keekee' in our house, and you both go to town.  Owen you look like your milking a cow and Paige you twirl your hair like there is no tomorrow.  The last few mornings I have thought I may have to break out the scissors and cut the knots that you spin while sleeping, but so far we have been lucky and mama has been able to get them out. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Family Visit...

After the race on saturday it was home for a short nap then Julie and the kids came into town.  Julie watched you both  for a few hours while momma and dada went shoe shopping.  Then we all packed up to eat at Ross and Jalie's favorite restaurant, McCalisters.  I would consider it a successful eating out experience being that I feel like I was able to enjoy my meal and no one had to get up to chase a baby or take anyone outside.  In the evening, Paige you faded fast and were in bed by 7:15.  After Owen was in bed we broke out the fun snack food and watched a movie.  The next morning momma and Aunt Julie got to go for a long walk while you guys played with Ross and Jalie. 

After everyone left it was a long nap, thank goodness, then off to a playdate with Reese and Aiden.  Great Weekend! 


This was our second 5k as a family.  We did great too!  Momma and Dada ran pretty much the whole thing and you babies slept most of it, meaning we didn't have to stop thourghout to attempt to keep you entertained.  I hope we can do a lot more together and I really look forward to having you both run with us one day! 

A differant kind of week!

Babies, last week was a doozy! Dada went out of town for work and mama had a real big test.  Monday Nana had a sleep over so I could head on over to El Paso for a good night sleep and a little more study time.  Mama passed the test and we spent the rest of the week celebrating and waiting for the return of dada.  Tuesday I packed you both up with the wagon in tow and we went to mama's soccer game.  I was able to play half of the game thanks to some very sweet teammates that offered to watch you.  Wednesday Uncle Alex came over for dinner, Thursday Nana went to Mississippi, and then Friday dada came home! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Park for everyone but mama!

It was a study kind of day for mama which means dada packed you babies up and headed over to your home away from home, Nana's house!  You had a great time going to the park and playing.  From what dada tells me, Paige is quite the little monkey!  The pics that dada took are so cute!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday Madness!

Today we had two birthdays to attend for two 2 year olds! HaPpY BiRtHDaY Cadan and Sylvia! First party was a morning mello art party with the momma's "group" we got to know just after you babies were born.  We painted the sidewalks and had cake for lunch. Then it was home for 4 hour nap (nap/study for mama) then up again with a quick change (got a little dirty at the first party) and off to Cadan's Elmo party.  This party was rocking with lots of kids and adults.  There were hotdogs for dinner but you babies decided to just have cake and ice cream for dinner.  Had a great day minus the bloddy nose Paige gave herself from tipping over a little lawn chair. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feeling better!

We have our dada back! After almost a week of feeling bad dada had some energy to play. This picture makes my heart smile!

Deep Breath!

So I'm kicking myself for not posting about our Labor Day weekend.  The short of it was that it was GREAT!  Playdates and quality family time is what I can remember.  Seems so long ago since last week was a real struggle.  Dada was really sick, Nana was sick, and Mama was a little cranky from being a little overwhelmed.  Good news is that everyone is feeling better and the clouds seem to be lifting.  Mama is still a little overwhelmed with a big test coming up and a deadline that doesn't seem possible but the best I can do is try.. And try I will!