Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Friday after visiting the doc we gave the babies their first taste of real food (rice ceral).  Owen seemed to like it a little more than Paige but both got more on their bibs than in their bellies.  It was a fun first and next week I can't wait to puree up some fruits and veggies.  The idea is to make our own baby food so we know what goes into it and maybe save a little money. 

The doc appointment went well. Little Owen is a little over 13 pounds and Baby Paige just over 12.  Dad had the hard job again of holding the babies while they got their shots.  They both cried a little at first but calmed down pretty quickly. 

Have I mentioned how competely in love with these little babies I am! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


It has been a very full Spring Break and we still have three days that are sure to be just as eventful as the week has already been.  Started out with a visit from Julie, Rocky and the kids on Friday evening.  Saturday Ross and Rocky headed out to hunt Orax and I woke up feeling awful.  Dan and Julie talked me into going to urgent care where I was told I had strep and was given antibiotics.  Lucky for us my sis was here and I was able to spend the entire day in bed resting up...  Was not easy to not love on my babies.

Sunday I was feeling better and was able to enjoy the day..  We spent a lot of time outside. Dan did some yard work and Julie, Jalie and I just enjoyed hanging out with the babies in the warm weather.

Monday I headed to Cbad with babies in tow.  We just got back today (thursday) and it's nice to be home but I'm gonna miss being with my sis.  I helped her with her massive laundry pile, we organized her closet, made hair bows, irrigated her land, attempted to teach Jalie to ride a bike, ate naughty cbad food, and played lots with our beautiful babies.   Looking forward to the summer and spending a little more time there...

Tomorrow Uncle Jon and Papaw get here.  Jon will be doing the half death march and Papaw is coming to cheer him on and help out next week when Dan heads to Phoenix for work.  Busy little bees we are!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New things!

Gonna attempt to take both babies to my mommy group tonight.  All have promised in the past to help out and it's a very nice bunch of gals so I have high hopes of a successful time!  Now just to get the diaper bag packed and bottles made..  While I do that Owen and Paige both practice their rolling over which they can both do!  Next is getting back on their back...  Now we are in trouble:) 

Monday, March 14, 2011


Not sure who started it, but we all suffered last week... All four of us had a cold that lasted a good couple days causing us to miss work and more importantly Isaac's grad/birthday party which I was super bummed about.

It wasn't easy taking care of my sick self and TWO sick babies. I did pretty well until the end of the day when I just wanted to crawl in bed. Luckly the sickness did not prevent the babies from doing their normal thing at night, which is SLEEP!
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